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cover for Anchored Leaves

Anchored Leaves

Vicious dogs named Waldo, love potions, lost souls overflow an old house with haunting memories.

Anchored Leaves is also available at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

cover for Romance of the 3 Djinn

Romance of the 3 Djinn

"Your eyes are so black. So black. As black as the heart of the devil," Esmene's grandmother tells her. All her life, Esmene's had an uncanny feeling of unbelonging. And then one day she meets a boy whose eyes are as black as hers. Taking her hand, he slips her into a world of strange beauty and great danger. The Djinn world.

Romance of the 3 Djinn is also available at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

cover for Buy Her A Diamond Before It's Too Late

Buy Her A Diamond Before It's Too Late

Ever since Marta kissed Fen, strange and disturbing things have happened. Lucy, Marta's best friend, thinks it's because she kissed the wrong frog. Marta begins to wonder. And when an urban prophet commands Fen to "buy her a diamond before it's too late", Marta's world is turned completely upside down.

Buy Her A Diamond Before It's Too Late is also available at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

cover of Easy To Love

So Easy To Love

For all those with broken hearts.

So Easy To Love is also available at Barnes & Nobleand Kobo.

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Today's Uncanny Highlights


Thrilled to announce that my story "miranda" is the 12th winner of The Glass Woman Prize. My thanks to Beate Sigriddaughter whose incredible efforts makes this prize possible, and to the Fictionaut community. To read the story, please click here.


Lit Endeavors has written a wonderful, thoughtful review of my two books! Please check it out here!


Yes, more news! Let's see. My essay on British food is in a wonderful food anthology called Foreign Flavours, my story What I Did For Pho is in the collection Pho For Life and my story Fantasm is part of Atticus Books' Get Lit, Round One. Happy reading, everyone!


What an amazing week. My novella Seal Skin was released as an ebook and two of my short stories went live. The first, Fantasm, is at Atticus Review, along with works by Michael Levan and Susan Rukeyser. I have to admit that of all the things I've written, Fantasm is one of my favorites. The second, Hush, is at a new website devoted to women's writing called Katherine Press. To read Fantasm, click here. To read Hush, click here.


I have a fun Q&A at Books, Personally! My host and I discuss food, writing, music, and how I once met Bill Gates. Did playing the piano really warp my mind? To find out, read the interview by clicking here!

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